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Since 1853, Aigle has been known as a master of rubber craftsman with high standards and attention to details, achieving top quality boots, shoes & clothing. The brand combines style & functionality in the heart of the design of all collections they create, guaranteeing durability.

Our Favourites from the Brand

  1. Aigle Ladies Alballa Jacket
    Aigle Ladies Alballa Jacket
    £225.00 Regular Price £250.00
  2. Aigle Mens Huntlight Jacket
    Aigle Mens Huntlight Jacket
    £207.00 Regular Price £230.00
  3. Aigle Ladies New Shepper Fleece Gilet
    Aigle Ladies New Shepper Fleece Gilet
    £130.50 Regular Price £145.00
  4. Aigle Mens Braisac Jacket
    Aigle Mens Braisac Jacket
    £112.50 Regular Price £125.00

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Time for a Spot of Gardening...

Trying to find a new pair of gardening shoes? These welly clogs are a lovely addition to your footwear collection, made from comfortable and flexible natural rubber. Perfect for the everyday gardener, or even, a quick slip-on for a walk with your furry friend.