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Headquartered in Amsterdam, Barts is known for its comfy and high-quality Winter Accessories. The brand believes that life starts outside and specialises in designs to keep you warm in the cooler months, from trendy beanies to hand-knitted scarves, every Barts piece is unique. "The fact that we are so comfortable in being true to ourselves is something that fills me with great pride." - Bart

Our Favourites from the Brand

  1. Barts Ladies Haliana Beanie
    Barts Ladies Haliana Beanie
    £29.99 Regular Price £49.99
  2. Barts Mens Bhric Gloves
    Barts Mens Bhric Gloves
    £28.19 Regular Price £46.99
  3. Barts Ladies Janiva Scarf
    Barts Ladies Janiva Scarf
    £28.19 Regular Price £46.99

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How to Style a Flat Cap

From Casual to Formal Attire, a Flat Cape can make any Country Look stylish. Here are three tips to follow when you wear your newest purchase in this hat style: 

Choose A Material

Natural materials such as wool, offer better breathability and insulation. Warmer and thicker wool is a great material to add to your outfit in the cooler months.

Decide on a Pattern or Colour

Depending on your style or outfit choice, prints can be both bold & subtle. So if you opt for a pop of colour, a version of check pattern is perfect, but, a plan colour is just as good. It's entirely up to you!

Adjust it to Your Face

Once you've picked your latest Flat Cap style, it's recommended that you apply gentle pressure to the visor to give shape to the accessory and frame your face.