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Did you know who Dubarry was named after? In 1937, a co-operative company was established in the heart of Galway on Ireland’s West Coast, to create employment within the area. Within this, there was a joint venture between the local Chamber of Commerce and a family from Northampton, the home of English footwear production, but, they wanted to set themselves apart from similar Irish brands and thus names themselves Dubarry of Ireland, a name fashioned after a beautiful French Courtesan and mistress of Louise XV, Madame du Barry.

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If you're the proud owner of a pair of Dubarry's, then congratulations! Both you and your shoes are part of a decades-long legacy: they have been making footwear for over 75 years. If you are yet to acquire some, Dubarry has a rich history of premium quality craftsmanship – so you’ll be in expert hands if you do decide to treat yourself to a pair!