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After homesteading in Nebraska and roaming the country as a railroad conductor, C. C. Filson inherited his father’s pioneer spirit and love of the outdoors and moved to the small city of Seattle, Washington in the 1890s. Armed with a strong work ethic and a reputation of honesty and several years’ experience, the rugged quality was made and the brand Filson was formed…

Our Favourites from the Brand

  1. Filson Mens Machinaw Cruiser
    Filson Mens Machinaw Cruiser
    £361.25 Regular Price £425.00
  2. Filson Mens Dryden 2-Wheel Carry-On Bag
    Filson Mens Dryden 2-Wheel Carry-On Bag
    £293.25 Regular Price £345.00
  3. Filson Mens Drown Cruiser Vest
    Filson Mens Drown Cruiser Vest
    £233.75 Regular Price £275.00
  4. Filson Mens Dryden Briefcase
    Filson Mens Dryden Briefcase
    £191.25 Regular Price £225.00

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Tough, Comfortable Outdoor Clothing

"To our customers: if a man is going North, he should come to us for his outfit, because we have obtained our ideas of what is best to wear in that country from the experience of the man from the North -- not merely one -- but hundreds of them. Our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance. You can depend absolutely upon our goods both as to material and workmanship." - C. C. Filson, 1914