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With an unmistakable love for knitwear, Tina Karstopr had an idea that blew her away and it seemed impossible to not pursue. Every year presented the same story, wind in the sails and sun at your back but regardless of how warm the sun maybe that wind makes its way back, an extra layer is needed. ‘One more layer, a little more warmth’. The fabric thickness became a crucial factor, thus the beginning of Holebrook Sweden.

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To the Ocean & Freedom

Holebrook has since celebrated 20 years as a clothing brand and has developed clearly to modern-day designing and technology to achieve the best products for the unpredictable weather of the year. 

'When we first started, there was a need for warm sweaters to keep the wind out. Today there are many other materials which can act as protective layers. That’s why we’ve taken our knowledge in knitting forward and developed our clothes to become part of an outfit. They still have that marine feeling, though, and we’ll always return to that; to the ocean and the freedom.' - Holebrook