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Realising there was a necessity for strong and reliable footwear to meet the demanding work such as mining, logging, and farming, Mr. Charles Beckman a Minnesota Shoemaker working in 1905, wanted to create durable yet comfortable footwear in support of the work industry, thus the establishment of The Red Wing Shoe Company. 

Today the brand has developed its footwear into multiple variations of the original boot as well as expanded its collections to not only footwear but clothing and accessories also...

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'Since we began, we have never comprised our quality and this will never change. That's a promise. Wear them, enjoy them and they will outlive you.' - Red Wing Shoes

Finding its name from a city situated in Southwest Minnesota in 1857, Red Wing was named after a tribal chief who succeeded a local Dakota tribe who ruled the region. The brand's iconic "Red Feather" logo, refers back to the tribal chief himself which was introduced in 1928 and has since been refined to its well-known designed logo today...