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“You can screw them up and do what you like. You can't destroy them. We hope they'll wear a long time yet. These boots are made for people who are specialists. People who expect them to last."

RM Williams has become one of the best-known and loved footwear brand in the world. Now existing for nine decades, the brand was originally built for the men and women of the unforgiving Australian outback, where their iconic one-piece-leather boots were crafter and have since graced the feet of millions of people.

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Brand Ambassador & Spokesmen Hugh Jackman

Did you know Hugh Jackman is a brand ambassador of RM Williams? He is known as the ‘Craftsman’ ambassador and is part of the brand's Undeniable Character Campaign. It’s an honour to be a part of the R.M.Williams family and to wear the brand’s iconic craftsman boot for the Undeniable Character campaign. What better than purchasing a fresh pair of boots approved by a celebrity?