A Legacy of Craftmanship: Dubarry of Ireland

If you're the proud owner of a pair of Dubarrys, then congratulations! Both you and your shoes are part of a decades long legacy: they have been making footwear for over 75 years. If you are yet to acquire some, Dubarry has a rich history of premium quality craftmanship – so you’ll be in expert hands if you do decide to treat yourself to a pair!

Named after a French courtesan Madam du Barry, Dubarry had its beginnings on the west coast of Ireland. Established 1937 in the town of Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. They’ve come a long way from their humble beginnings: Dubarry is now a renowned brand, and their products are highly respected and sought after around the globe.

Dog Dubarry footwear is suited to a host of activities - including dog walking!

What Makes A Dubarry Boot Unique?

In the creation of one of their most popular boots, the iconic Galway, it requires 18 pieces of handcut leather and 4,000 stitches to make a finished pair. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure that the quality of the shoes is unrivalled. Dubarry boots also have injection moulded soles, meaning they’re one solid piece rather than having been glued together. Whilst Dubarry boots will be just at home in the streets of Kensington as in wild moorland, it’s worth remembering that they are designed to be practical and hardwearing boots.

What Activities Can You Do With a Dubarry Boot?

Chances are if you have a pair of Dubarrys you’re already a frequenter of the great outdoors. Dubarry boots are breathable and waterproof, making them ideal for almost every kind of activity. There are a number of styles of Dubarry boot which allow for a range of activities and varying degrees of utility.

The Galway, Longford, and Clare boots are favoured by the game shooting circles. As they’re knee-high boots, they provide lower-leg support and protection from the elements. Though the tall styles of boot are less popular amongst men outside the realm of country sports, the Galway – often described as the ‘ultimate’ country boot –  has proven to be a consistent favourite amongst both men and women who indulge in game shooting. We’re also sure that they’d be a safe choice for a spot of fishing and clayshooting. The equestrian styled Clare boot is also a fashionable and practical choice. Featuring a leather pad on the inside leg, this provides a slightly greater degree of support.

The calf and ankle-length styles such as the Kildare and Roscommon are just as practical as their knee-high counterparts. They might not be able to completely prevent soggy legs if you're wading through wet grass, but you can be guaranteed that you're feet will stay dry! These are versatile boots and can be worn out and about exploring the city or clambering over stiles in the countryside with the dog. As Dubarry marketing director Michael Walsh points out, ‘practicality will remain one of the brand’s core values.’

Galway boot The iconic Galway boot doing what it does best!

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