Brand Spotlight: Barbour International

Brand Spotlight: Barbour International
By Henmores
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Brand Spotlight: Barbour International

In anticipation to our Gentlemen's Evening of beers, bikes, and boots, we're showcasing one of our favourite brands: Barbour International. The collection will be available to browse on the evening. See on Thursday 9th May at 6-8pm!

Barbour International’s iconic black and yellow roundel isn’t just a logo: it’s an emblem of adventure, of free-spirit, and confidence. Founded in 1936 by Duncan Barbour, the brand started life as a one-piece wax cotton suit (called the Barbour International) designed specifically to shield motorcyclists from the elements during the International Six Day Trials (ISDT), which has been described as ‘The Olympics of Motorcycling’.  Fast forward to the present day, Barbour International is a standalone brand that creates men’s and women’s collections inspired by its biking legacy.  With over 80 years of quality, Barbour International have established themselves as being true pioneers of practical yet highly popular pieces of clothing.

Amongst Barbour International’s fans was the icon Steve McQueen (given the name ‘The King of Cool’), who stopped by in London alongside the rest of the US team to buy their Barbour Internationals en route to compete on the 1964 ISDT in East Germany. Whilst Barbour International’s logo is now recognisable everywhere, the distinctive black and gold badge only first appeared on jackets in 1980. Where will you take yours?

If you can't wait or wish to explore our range of Barbour International clothing, take a look here! 

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