How to care for your favourite leather boots & shoes.

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Care for your Leather Boots and Shoes

Remember, yard manure, waste liquids and salt water can be corrosive to leather. To ensure prolong performance and protection, always scrub the leather with a brush and rinse with fresh water after exposure.

In order to ensure your shoes and boots last as long as possible, it’s recommended that you use a footwear cleaner on all parts of the boots, as well as a conditioner to keep the leathers feeling smooth.



How to clean the leather:

  1. Remove all heavy dirt and mud with tap water and a brush.
  2. Make sure any yard manure and waste liquid is thoroughly rinsed off immediately.
  3. Use a scrub cleaner to further remove any dirt or other residues.

Prevent leather from cracking:

Repeated wetting and drying can eventually cause leather to crack. Try moisturizing the leather to preserve and soften the leather, this also enhances the water repellent properties.

Dry Time:

Allow boots and shoes to dry naturally before any further treatment. Never use artificial heat or leave in proximity to an open fire. It’s best to leave them air dry for a minimum of 48 hours.

Dubarry Leather Cleaning guide


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