In The Spotlight - Surviving The Cold

Best Way To Survive The Cold

As the nights start to draw out and the weather gets colder, it’s clear that the summer is well and truly behind us! Along with Halloween and fireworks comes the darker mornings and heavier jackets – but, done right, winter can be just as enjoyable as the summer! Here are our top tips to not only surviving the winter, but relishing it too!

1 | Stock up on cosy knits and warm, snuggly scarves – you’re going to need them! Purchase some fashionable, hard-wearing garments that not only stand the test of time but can withstand the rubbish weather, too!



2 | Plan fun events. Get tickets for an amazing firework show, throw a Halloween party, sit round a bonfire and eat delicious gooey marshmallows – there’s loads of fun, seasonal things to be doing outside even if it is a bit colder!


3 | Skin can take a bit of a battering once the weather turns colder – make sure you moisturise your skin night and day to keep it comfortable and soft.


4 | Stay active! It’s easy to become a bit of a couch potato when the weather turns icy, but it’s important to still get outside and breath in some fresh, clean air – go for a walk or bike ride, or attend a gym class if exercising outside isn’t your thing!


5 | Beat those winter blues. Start taking a vitamin D supplement to keep levels healthy – we see less sunshine in the winter and therefore tend to lack in this vital vitamin.


6 | Plan ahead in bad weather. There’s nothing more stressful than rushing to prep your car for a journey to work when it’s freezing outside! If you know bad weather is coming, prep your car in advance – stick a blanket in the boot, check the tyres, and drive safely!


7 | Try to eat healthily to avoid the dreaded office cold! Up your greens and try taking a vitamin supplement to ward off any potential illnesses. It’s also handy to carry an anti-bac gel or wipes to kill germs. Keep tissues handy for runny noses and dispose of them as soon as you can.


8 | Try something new. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t still be out and about trying new things! Book in for a winter-related class, like snowboarding, or go watch ice hockey.


9 | Treat yourself. Take an evening to yourself to have a warm bath, make a proper hot chocolate (with ALL the whipped cream and marshmallows you can squeeze on top), and read a book by a roaring fire – you’ll feel calm and content in no time.


10 | Have a mini break. If all else fails and you miss the sun too much, spend a weekend somewhere nice and sunny to get your fix of wonderful sunshine!


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