Joules: Bursting with Brightness

The Story: One Man & His Tent

Joules began in 1977 by Ian Joule and was later taken over by his son, Tom, in 1989. They began selling branded clothing and accessories at equestrian shows, selling brightly coloured items and pieces, which boldly stood out against the traditional styles being sold. In one instance, Tom had 100 pink wellies manufactured for a show and sold out almost immediately. There was a 1313725_Tom_Joule_005clear need for bright and bold, and out of that need, Joules was established, born in the fields of Great Britain.

By 1997, Tom was selling Joules branded goods better than some of the known outdoor clothing brands at the shows he attended, sparking him to create his first full collection in March 1991. The collection featured bright colours, and was quintessentially British, but with a quirky spin - the signature Joules style still seen today.

In 2000, the first Joules shop opened in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. However, due to the Foot-and-Mouth outbreak in 2001, Tom was unable to sell his collections at almost all of the country shows he usually attended. Not willing to give up, he began approaching retailers and opened up a wholesale channel. This made the brand more widely known and available.

The brand went on to include collections for girls, boys and baby, proving that Joules was unstoppable. To date, Joules has over 100 retail stores and has now successfully become a stock exchange listing, and has become one of the most loved family lifestyle brands in Britain.

Iconic Prints

Each iconic Joules print begins with a painting or drawing from the print team. From painting to fabric usually takes around 6 months. Inspiration comes from all walks of life, including a view from a window, city walks, or vintage prints. On average, the team creates hundreds of prints for each season, but through a very rigorous decision process, only around 50 make it to the final collection.


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