The Henmores Hens at Yeaveley Estate

The Henmores Hens at Yeaveley Estate
By Henmores
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The Henmores Hens at Yeaveley Estate

The Day

Following breakfast at 9am and a safety briefing led by Guy Field, the Henmores Hens split into two groups (experienced and novice shooters) and headed off to their respective stands. The weather was warm, with only a few heavy showers that sent all involved running for the trees. The experienced Hens (Amy, Caroline, Alice B, Henmores' own Emma, and Julia) were under the careful supervision of Guy Field. They were able to improve their technique and improve footwork (especially when faced with the superb High Tower, on which Alice B had a cracking shot).

The novice Hens were Alice S, Christine, Linda, Wendy, and Michelle, all of whom did brilliantly considering that for many it was their first time. Christine and Alice showed off their natural talent by shooting clay after clay. Linda, Wendy and Michelle also had an excellent run, which we think could have given the experienced Hens a good run for their money!

It was also nice to see a number of Schoffel gilets being worn on the day: warm, practical, and providing extra padding against gun recoil.  Henmores' Emma was wearing her Schoffel shooting vest and Hunter Balmoral Wellingtons.

After having a try at various shooting stands and sitting down for mid-morning cake, the highlight of the day was the flush – for the unacquainted, a flush is carefully organised chaos! A flush involves multiple clays being released from differing directions and altitudes, to simulate a real bird flush. Amy showed off her shooting prowess by not only shooting the clays, but also going after the fragments, clearly not satisfied with her good work.  All the novice Hens also managed to hit a few clays during the flush, which was fantastic as for most it had been the first time, they had handled a gun.

After lunch, Henmores’ Emma thanked all who came and awarded prizes. Alice S was awarded a prize in recognition of her day’s efforts, and Alice B was also awarded a prize for being ‘Most Improved’ (from being nervous in the morning, to getting a clean shot on the High Tower!)

Thank you to…

A full day’s shooting must never be done on an empty stomach. Thus, it fell to Shannon Rowland and Lesley Field to undertake the important task of ensuring all the Henmores Hens were well-fed throughout the day. Not only did they provide a wonderful breakfast of mouth-watering bacon cobs, they also rustled up a fabulous mid-morning spread of lemon or carrot cake with tea and coffee. The day was rounded off with a show-stopping lunch filled with roast chicken, paella, cheese and crackers, salmon wellington, salad, fresh fruit, and warm bread. (This was before the cheesecake for afters!) Heartening fare indeed. Many thanks Shannon and Lesley, your efforts were highly appreciated.

We would also like to thank the incredible Yeaveley Estate instructors, whose guidance was patient, clear, and encouraging. We do think there'll certainly be some new faces on the clay shooting scene. We would also like to thank our generous sponsors of the day, Schoffel, Ariat, and Hunter.

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