Calling The Greenman Hotel home


History of The Greenman Hotel, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Innovation and progression create the 'new', enabling towns such as Ashbourne to grow and prosper into the modern age. Though horse and buggies and dirt roads have since been replaced with lorrys and tarmac, there still remains the historical buildings that the town was built upon, leaving a lasting feeling of character and charm. They create intrinsic value, with one building in particular still garnering the right to be known as the centre of town.

The Greenman was built in the 1750s with the purpose of servicing Ashbourne’s growing coach trade. It prospered for over 50 years, gaining a strong reputation of being the place to stop. Though the coaching industry was becoming dramatically reduced, The Greenman owner decided to buy the neighbouring inn, the Blackamoors Head, to keep the business strong. Together, they formed The Greenman and Black’s Head Royal Hotel. Its popularity grew into more than just a hotel, becoming the centre for public meetings, assemblies, town entertainment and the headquarters to the Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Committee.  Though coach trading eventually came to an end, The Greenman Inn remained at the centre of Ashbourne’s social activities.

Unfortunately, due to a difficult period, The Greenman Hotel was shut in 2012. It was boarded up until Colin Wright, a local businessman, saw the potential and bought the property. By this point, the building had been seriously neglected, so major reconstructive work began straight away to repair the damage.

Today, The Greenman Inn is home to a thriving business group that has put life back into this prominent Ashbourne landmark. With hotel accommodation and a gastro pub to be opened within the next 2 years, it seems there is a bright future ahead for The Greenman.

The Henmores shop is now situated in The Greenman courtyard, taking its name from the Henmore Brook, which flows through the market town of Ashbourne, Derbyshire. After hundreds of years of being loved by the local community, Henmores is proud to call such a historical building its home.

*Green Man photograph provided by Photo-Sleuth blog

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