The History of the Dubarry Galway Boots

Dubarry of Ireland began in 1937 with the intention to design and manufacture fine leather shoes.

The factory was established in the small town of Ballinasloe in the County Galway, situated on the beautiful West Coast. Dubarry provided much needed employment to the area and took advantage of the hardworking and talented men and women and it wasn’t long before an excellent reputation for workmanship and quality was developed. Dubarry still take much of their inspiration from Galway’s sailing heritage and the wild West Coast to motivate them to create the superb boots and shoes we all love.

Over the last eighty years, the Galway boot has been made with great care. By blending Irish heritage with the latest technology, Dubarry have created the high-quality style we have today. The hard-wearing elements of their homeland are echoed in the durability of the boot while the leathers signify natural beauty. Each pair are made with eighteen pieces of hand cut leather which are softened before they are carefully pieced together with almost four thousand stitches. The GORE-TEX lining ensures the boots are breathable and waterproof, making them perfect for country landscape.

Dubarry have recognised that just like their footwear, every person is unique. They have now developed three special variations of the classic Galway boots to appeal to a wider range of customers. They have recently brought out a SlimFit™ and ExtraFit™ boot, in addition to the regular fit, to cater for various calf sizes.

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